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Burlesque dancer Ethelyn Butler c. 1955


Mirror selfie in stockings… for old times sake

I love it anon! Thank you for sharing.

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© Photo: Nicola De Luigi


Lemme hear you say HEY MS CARTER.


paddy paws

No makeup, no filters, I am a leopard

That is all

Damn I hate the way you know me
And Damn
You kill when you hold me
Like I’m your world
Like this wont hurt
Like a favorite curse hitting every nerve
I’m fighting and I’m losing and
Damn you
You’re pulling and I’m pushing
I’m wrestling away
I toss and twist
‘Til finally I give in

I get wreckless, scared, confused
I feel a desperate
Soul for you
And you know it
You know it
You know it, yes you do

Leann Rimes ←


I’ve spent the last 4 or 5 nights at Harrys house and now I come back to my own bed and as soon as I turn the lights off I start to freak out. I’m anxious and I want to run back to his house so I can lie beside him in his calm bed in his calm house away from all the things that worry me.

My grades

My flatmates

My flat

My street

It’s all so uncomfortable here and all so far away at his place, a mere three streets down. I feel I can relax, can be myself and take on the world with him. It’s sad to think that the independent woman I want to be is in fact dependent on the strength that he gives me. I never wanted to rely on anyone, especially a man, and this scenario sucks. I am totally engulfed by him, I have this hunger to be near him every second of the day and I am aware it is not healthy to actually do this but is it unhealthy to want it? I don’t find anyone else as stimulating, as intelligent, as fiery or as much on my level as he is. I love my friends and my family, but they don’t do for me what he does at this point. I am forcefully prying myself away because I am aware that me wrapping myself around him will not draw us closer. It kills me though. I am insecure, forgetful, meek, doubtful, fearful and pessimistic and he makes it not so. I promise myself I will grow a pair and regain some independence but as yet it has not happened. I hope it will soon.


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